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Ninja Affiliate

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Ninja Affiliate

Price: $97
Value for money: 5 out of 5

Description: Affiliate link cloaker/affiliate link manager

I recently purchased the best value for money and most useful plugin I’ve ever come across. I don’t like to hype products up, but this one did something rare – it did what it says it can do and it is easy to use.

Before I purchased this, I had a product called Wordpress Affiliate Pro which did something similar, but not as well. Although this wasn’t a bad product, Ninja Affiliate was much easier to use, more flexible and the support is better.

Ninja Affiliate is a WordPress plugin which hides your affiliate links. But, it also does a lot more.

  • Cloaking: The best part of the plugin and very easy to use.  You can easily choose how you want to make your affiliate links look.
  • Grouping Affiliate links: you can put your affiliate links in groups, name them and view click through data in the management screen.
  • Link Redirects: The plugin comes with a redirection system to help protect your links.
  • Link customization: You can easily customize the text that appears on the status bar of the browser when people hover on the link.
  • Keyword management: You can select what keywords you want to transform into affiliate links, and it also allows you to limit the number of keywords per post.

Ninja Affiliate’s web site.